10 Minute Set-Up

    These are the steps for assembling and dismantling after initial set-up.
                                      (Refer to installation for initial set-up)
Rear frame drops into standard                 Front mounting plate attached to headboard                    Side rail placed into the bracket
Triple M ladder rack sockets.                    using existing holes (longer bolts supplied).                    which is part of the front plate and
(sockets supplied, if not already               This does not need to be removed again.                          rear frame.
on tray at extra cost).
Complete frame including rear rack .                           Slot two tonneau bows in brackets.                     Roll out canopy over frame.  
                                                                               This avoids water ponding and wind flap . 


   .      Close zips and attach bungy loops to buttons.                                   Tie off two front tie down ropes to side rope rails
For removal, simply reverse. Undo bungy loops, open zips, release tie off ropes, slide canopy
to the rear and fold.  Remove tonneau bows, undo side rails and remove. Done!
                                                                             Always store in a dry environment!