(Q) How do I clean my canopy?
(A) To clean the canvas, use a garden hose and a soft brush.
      To avoid scratching the clear windows, first wet to soften any dirt, then wipe with a soft cloth.
      Do not use hot water, pressure cleaners or detergent!
(Q) Will my canopy shrink?
(A) Canvas does tighten or loosen when wet or dry. It is important for it to be
      completely dry before removing it to store.
      Don't leave flaps rolled up while wet!
(Q) Will my canopy be waterproof?
(A) Yes. First the canopy should be wet down to set the seams. Your canopy
      will be waterproof straight away and will stay waterproof for several years.
      It can be easily re-proofed  when necessary.
(Q) Is my canopy waterproof  if I have the roof racks added?
(A) Yes. The base plates of the roof bars clamp down onto the frame with the canvas of the 
      canopy forming a waterproof gasket.